Dungeons and Dragons RPG Adventures in Middle-Earth - Rivendell Region Guide
Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Space Marine Landspeeder ‘Last Supply Run’ painted
Dana Loesch Responds to the Sexism of the Women’s March

"I am the NRA. So are millions of other women who are our members."

Herald of Tzeentch on Disc - Painted - 40k - Age of Sigmar - Chaos Daemons
Continental mixed sensors & parts job lot free hard case including ex sample
Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines Blood Angels Honour Guard Assault Squad 152
Warhammer world exclusive cataphractii librarians.
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Brushing off the cobwebs

Eddie “Veder”

Eddie “Veder”

GMO pop culture?

Horus Heresy Word Bearer Plastic Cataphract Terminators
Bloomberg PR Hack Lies About Charleston Gun Purchase

Human error administering the NICS system (that the NRA helped to create) allowed Roof to purchase a firearm. 

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Why Missouri Is Behind On Real ID
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No, Flyover Was Held Hostage
December 8th Morning Quick Five